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178 - 2016 TrendsTop Five Payments Trends for 2016 (NEW)
February 2016, BAI Banking Strategies

Payments trends in 2016 will include accelerated competition in mobile wallets, more experimentation with blockchain technology and progress in faster payments. Read more (free to read)


88 - EMV & NFCEMV Loss May Be Mobile Wallet Gain (NEW)
January 2016, BAI Banking Strategies

The so far disappointing rollout of EMV chip cards could spur consumers to gravitate to mobile wallets for payments. Read more (free to read)



056 -ISO20022NACHA Releases White Paper: “Introduction to ISO 20022 for U.S. Financial Institutions” (NEW)
December 2015, NACHA

Paper authored by Nasreen Quibria explores the ISO 20022 landscape while combating myths about the global standard as it relates to payments.  “The purpose of this white paper is to provide clarity regarding the promises, strategies, myths and roadblocks for ISO 20022 and payments,” said George Throckmorton, Managing Director of Network Development for NACHA. “Issuing the paper is part of NACHA’s ongoing efforts to meet the needs of the present by providing industry tools and solutions to assist with ISO 20022 ACH integration while preparing for the future by continuing to monitor, explore and engage with market participants around the possibility of ISO 20022 ACH conversion.” Read more

057-realtimeNACHA’s Payments Innovation Alliance Releases White Paper: “Real Time in Real Life”
September 2015, NACHA

Paper developed in collaboration with many stakeholders explores the realities of implementing a real-time payments system. Even as real-time payments systems are proliferating around the globe, real time can mean many different things with vastly different implications to users of the system. The paper provides clarity on what a real-time payment is by exploring what real time means, outlining the challenges to implementing real time, and identifying major use cases and user impact. Read more

055 - worldBlockchain Holds Promise for Cross-Border Payments
August 2015, American Banker

Blockchain technology is garnering a lot of buzz these days-and with good reason. Enthusiasts are experimenting with ways to apply the technology to everything from secure digital voting systems and stock exchanges to music distribution, smart contracts, and health records. Read more

001- payments trendsTop Five Trends for Payments in 2015 (Best of BAI Banking Strategies in 2015 – Top Ten Most Read Article of the Year)
February 2015, BAI Banking Strategies

2015 will see more momentum on mobile wallets, continuing progress on next generation payments initiatives and more focus on fraud and risk controls. Read more (free to read)



006 - Apple PayCan Apple Pay Change the Way People Shop?
September 2014, American Banker

Read more


The Reality, or Not, of Bitcoin
September 2014, BAI Banking Strategies

While Bitcoin has its regulatory and fraud challenges, the cryptocurrency may have legs in the market – and require some attention by banks. Read more (free to read)


009 - ISOConvergence and standardization extend possibilities
September 2014, SIBOS

Could ISO 20022 remittance standards finally bridge the gap in corporate information exchange? Read more


010 - B2B paymentsThe Drive to Electronic Remittance Exchange in Business-to-Business Payment Automation
June 2014, CGI

The white paper explores the current state of B2B remittance exchange processes in the U.S. and Europe, spotlights shifting dynamics of key geographies, and highlights recent developments in remittance data standards that will shape the future for stakeholders in the financial value chain. Read more

007- mobileThe Real-Time Payments  Revolution
March 2014, Bank Systems & Technology

In this digital age the confluence of connected devices has given rise to instant communication and with it, the expectation for near immediate access. Consumers seek to make high-speed payments from anywhere, at anytime. To address this increasing market demand, real-time payment initiatives are emerging across the globe in a revolutionary way. Read more


017- regulationsRemittance Regulation Raises Costs (Best of the Month)
May 2012, BAI Banking Strategies

Although little noticed in the media, recent regulatory rules on remittances transfers will impose significant new costs on financial institutions. Read more (free to read)


015- social mediaSocial Branding of You
May 2012, fei (Financial Executives International)

As the “CEO of Me,”’ each job candidate is responsible for creating and marketing his or her own unique brand. It’s an essential tool in today’s competitive career arsenal. Read more


Current State of Corporate Implementation of International ACH Transactions (IAT)
March 2012, gtnews

A survey conducted at the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) conference in Boston in 2011 revealed that more than two years after the passage of the International ACH Transaction (IAT) code, most corporate businesses are still not prepared to send or receive IAT. Read more

Spotlight on Payment Factories: Dynamics of the North American Landscape
February 2012, Logica

With the unpredictable economic environment and the importance of cash and liquidity on the corporate agenda, finance executives are evaluating the effectiveness of current operations across payables and receivables. Many companies are turning to payment factories to deliver value across the entire organization. Read more

017 - mobile payments 3Mobile Primer: What Does it All Mean? (Best of the Week Article)
February 2012, BAI Banking Strategies

The rapidly changing mobile landscape requires continual updating of categories and definitions. Read more


021 - trendsLooking Ahead to 2012- Trends and Predictions in Payments
January 2012, Transaction News

Read more




016 - global paymentsSame Day ACH in the U.S. – The Next Chapter
November 2011, gtnews

NACHA, the regulatory body for automated clearing house (ACH) transactions in the US, is proposing amendments to its operating rules to introduce a new expedited processing and settlement (EPS) option. This article follows a year after the launch of same-day FedACH service, and examines the benefits and concerns of a universal service. Read more

026 - trackTracking Dirty Money
October 2011, Association for Financial Professionals

The economic turmoil and financial crises of 2008 fueled a surge in financial fraud. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that money laundering amounts to somewhere between hundreds of billions of dollars to more than a trillion dollars per year, or two to five percent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). And with the emergence of new payments types and growth of electronic payments, there are many new opportunities for fraud. Read more

The Strategic Value of a Payments Factory
September 2011, gtnews

In the face of an unstable global economy, intense competition, profitability pressures, and an evolving regulatory environment, the pressing issue for companies is cash management. Read more