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66-NACHANACHA Releases White Paper: “Introduction to ISO 20022 for U.S. Financial Institutions” 
December 2015, NACHA

Paper authored by Nasreen Quibria explores the ISO 20022 landscape while combating myths about the global standard as it relates to payments. ISO 20022 is the standard for financial service messaging used to describe business processes, such as payments, developed by the International Organization for Standardization, an international standards-setting body. As a leader in bringing a broad set of industry participants together to agree on payment-related rules and standards, NACHA has taken a key role in providing dialogue, education and analysis about ISO 20022 so ACH Network users may understand the standard and its implications for the payments industry. Read more

66-NACHANACHA Publishes ISO 20022 Mapping Guide
April 2015, NACHA

Q insights worked with NACHA in collaboration with financial institutions and corporations to develop the mapping guide and a companion tool designed to standardize ISO 20022 Payment message mapping for ACH Network payments. This is a first step to defining pathways for greater support of ISO 20022 in the U.S. NACHA plans to extend its mapping guidance to include additional industry needs such as debits, pre-notes, and consumer payments. Read more